Local Bloke Confirms He Didn’t Just Imagine Ardie Wearing Those Goggles That Time

relieved man smiling and thinking of ardie savea wearing goggles and his phone confirming with a google search.



A Napier man was relieved to find out this morning that he didn’t just imagine Ardie Savea wearing those goggles that one time during the 2019 Rugby World Cup. 

Jordan McDonald, 30, has finally put to rest a nagging doubt that has plagued him for almost four years.

McDonald woke up today and was suddenly struck once again by an inner vision of Ardie Savea, lining up for the All Blacks wearing a pair of what looked like black, oversized scuba goggles.

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe I’d made it all up,” he confessed. “I mean, goggles during a rugby match? A very contact-heavy contact sport. How was that ever going to work?”

To alleviate his doubts, Mr McDonald naturally turned to Google. Armed with his smartphone and a burning curiosity, he typed in the words “Ardie Savea goggles” and hit the search button. To his relief, a flurry of search results confirmed that he hadn’t lost his mind after all.

“I was so relieved when I saw those images of Ardie in those goggles. It was like a weight had been lifted,” the man exclaimed.

For those who possibly can’t believe it themselves, Ardie Savea indeed sported the unconventional eyewear for approximately five minutes during a 2019 World Cup pool match against Canada. Unfortunately for Savea, his experiment in eyewear innovation didn’t go as planned. The goggles fogged up almost instantly, severely impairing his vision. To make matters worse, an opponent in the ruck decided to give them a closer look and promptly ripped them from his face.

“It was like a comedy skit, except it was actually happening on the field,” said McDonald. “I’m just glad I can now confidently say that I haven’t invented a false event in my mind.”

Jordan McDonald’s journey from self-doubt to confirmation serves as a heartwarming reminder that even the most obscure rugby memories can be validated with a quick internet search.

More to come. 

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