Local Bloke Refers Back To Shihad Song To Calculate Daylight Saving Changes

Man pondering math equations with shihad Home Again video in background.



James Geldin, a 33 year old welder from New Plymouth, rose this morning with a funny feeling that something was off about the time, and his corresponding energy levels. 

After around 5-10 seconds of blurry-eyed confusion, the man suddenly remembered that last night was daylight savings, which he knew meant that the day would either have one extra hour, or one less hour. 

Ignorant of whether the time on his phone had moved forward or back, Shihad’s kiwi classic anthem Home Again popped straight into his head. 

“I hardly give any attention to daylight savings. There’s no need to, because everyone’s phone changes automatically. So there’s nothing you need to do,” said Geldin as he gulped his International Roast instant coffee. 

“What happens now is whenever there’s a change to the time, you just get this strange feeling like something’s off. You’d sit there and think ‘man, it feels later than 9.30’. Or you’d be thinking ‘is it actually more like 8.30 or 10.30?’.

“I think lots of people trying to remember whether the clocks go forward or back, go straight to the ‘spring forward, fall back’ thing? But far out, I’m still in doubt with that one because it’s like ‘why couldn’t you fall forward and spring back’?” he explained. 

“Better to just refer to Home Again, and remember that you put your clock back for the winter,” Mr Geldin declared, confident in his assertion. 

“I place a hell of a lot more faith in Johnny Toogood and the Shihads than I do in my own memory.”

More to come.

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