Local Dad Defies All Odds With Seamless Login Without Forgetting Password

older man with laptop giving thumbs up



Whakataki semi-retired father of four, Roger Banks has impressed his adult children today by logging in to his Trademe account and getting the password right on the first go.

The part time business consultant, who lives at 15 Wakefield Road, generally starts all his passwords with “15Wakefield”, but claims the real trick is remembering the single digit number that comes at the end of it. 

“So when I’m logging in to any kind of website I’ll plonk my email address in first, and then start typing “15Wakefield” into the password space, which is easy enough to remember,” explained the man who must have deleted all those work emails he got over the years about cybersecurity.

“I put all those details into Trademe so I could advertise an old table and chairs we don’t need anymore. Opening up the space in the family room now that the kids are gone.

“Then the real pressure came on because all of a sudden I had my son and my daughter looking over my shoulder as I paused to think about what that last digit was. Thought to myself it wasn’t going to be a high number because I haven’t had to update that password in ages,” explained the man as if he had just defused a bomb. 

“I bit the bullet eventually and just punched in “3” and then BOOM! Before I know it I’m logged in to Trademe and I can see my user name and all my details on screen,” he boasted while smirking to himself. 

Son Jamie, 23, was admittedly impressed by the display, as he has been conditioned to expect a long sequence of trial and error each and every time his 60 year old father tried to log in to something. 

“Very proud of dad for getting in so quickly this time. Bit of luck and a bit of skill got him over the line in the end.”

Jamie’s father then interrupted to get one more boast in before our reporters left the house shaking their heads. 

“Hey Jamie! You make your own luck though don’t ya,” said Mr Rogers, winking and generally being way too pleased with himself. 

More to come.

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