Local Dad Educates Son About Why NPC Is The Only Real Rugby Left

close up of dad, with npc rugby in the background



Craig Harden, 59, has given his 17 year-old son Jayden some much needed guidance on what type of rugby he should be watching. 

As the father and son sat down to watch the first game of this year’s Bunnings NPC match between Canterbury and Manawatu, the car yard wrecker from Christchurch’s suburb of Linwood demanded his son’s attention.

“Now listen here Jayden, this is the only type of rugby anyone can get properly passionate about anymore. We’ve got to get you to stop watching those bleached haired, shiny boot show ponies in Super Rugby,” Harden sternly said to his son while pointing at the TV, as both teams ran out for the season’s opening game.

“What I want the goons at the NZRU in Wellington to understand is that we need the NPC to be the pinnacle of New Zealand Rugby again. I’m sick and tired of that Super 12 or Super 15 or whatever competition they decide to call it changing its set up every bloody year!” Harden grumbled while sipping away at Canterbury Draught beer

‘Now let me tell you about the Log O’ Wood,” Harden said as he cracked open another can of his poison of choice.

‘While there’s been plenty of change, some things just stay the same. The Ranfurly Shield is the most coveted prize in this country and its history is rich, especially down in Canterbury,” said the one eyed Cantab who was in the stands at Lancaster Park in 1985 when Canterbury broke Auckland’s record 25 successive defences.

“What about the All Blacks Dad? Are we still going to watch them too?”

“Don’t get me started on those overpaid underperforming snowflakes. Foster’s got to go!”

More to come.

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