Local Genius Fires Off “Can’t Beat Wellington On A Good Day” Social Media Post

Angus Williams looks at phone at Wellington's Oriental Bay.


“Ha geez, better check how many likes it has now.” 

Even the galeforce winds would struggle to wipe the smile off Angus Williams’ face this morning. 

The 28 year-old inner-city public servant had only minutes ago posted a photo of Oriental Parade captioned ‘Can’t beat Wellington on a good day’ on his personal Instagram page. He then took the time to talk to the Whakataki Times about his choice of caption with a $6 regular flat white in hand.

‘I’m the go-to-guy for words of wisdom I suppose. It just sorta came into my mind, I hadn’t heard or seen that saying anywhere before now.” 

Williams appeared noticeably chuffed with the eye-roll-inducing phrase, while many others would convulse at the thought of posting such a cliched caption in a non-sarcastic way.

Williams proceeded to tell reporters that others had simply missed a golden opportunity to point out that Wellington was unbeatable on the rare days where the sun came out. 

“I mean, you’ve just got to try and ignore the gale force wind and you can’t even see that in the photo right?’

Williams’ smile retreated slightly as he reluctantly confirmed that his post hadn’t received any further likes as the interview drew to a close.

But then the comedic genius returned and Williams delivered yet another original slogan before making his way back up Lambton Quay.

“Just like the weather today, I suppose you can’t beat the Hurricanes on a good day either.”

More to come.

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