Local Idiot Rewatches Beauden Barrett’s 2015 World Cup Try Against Australia Without The New Zealand Commentary

man watching beauden barrett try, confused



31 year old Palmerston North man, Harris Oldman, was struck today by a thought that he has at least once a year, which was to go to Youtube and look up Beauden Barrett’s try against Australia in the 2015 World Cup final. 

However for whatever reason this year Oldman chose to watch a video with some of the most painfully British commentary ever spoken, which drained 90% of the excitement from the historic moment. 

“I was sitting there watching Beaudy’s try, but something was really off. It was the same try I watch each year, but I was getting nothing out of it this time,” he said, confused and frustrated. 

“I usually look up this video when I’m feeling a bit flat in general, but after watching that I just feel empty and I don’t know why”.

It seems the footage of Beauden chasing down a kick through from Ben Smith does not have the same effect on people without the voices of Grant Nisbett and Justin Marshall sounding like they’re physically about to burst. 

While most people could identify that British commentary typically sucks the life out of any situation, Mr Oldman did not make this connection. 

“See, watch this, like, it doesn’t seem right does it? Do you know what’s going on?”

When our reporters explained the mistake and sent a new link for Oldman to open, the Palmy Boys old boy disappeared from sight, presumably to view the World Cup moment in private.   

More to come. 

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