Local Man Doing Weekly Shop At Pak n Save Naturally Forgets The Council Rubbish Bags

man in kitchen thinking about rubbish bags



New dad Nathan Davidson has been feeling good about taking on the weekly grocery shopping duties, now that wife Shannon has her hands full with two month old Isaac.

He uses the time cruising through Upper Hutt Pak n Save to enjoy one of his podcasts, and recognises it as a rare moment of peace.

But doing the weekly shop solo has proven difficult at times, particularly when it comes to buying the products that sit behind the checkout, like council rubbish bags.

“Arrrrgh the farrkin rubbish bags!” said Davidson as he arrived home and began unpacking, realising he had forgotten the vital item that was clearly written on his shopping list. 

“It’s on the list! It’s right there, but no, I just happily put everything else through the checkout and totally forget that our garage is full of bags of rubbish that need to be thrown out,” he said. 

Davidson, looking for someone or something to blame for his error, began asking ‘why the bloody rubbish bags couldn’t be on the shelves’, receiving exactly zero sympathy from his wife. 

“Just put them on the shelves so people can add it to their trollies normally. I know it’s a ‘high price item’, shoplifting, blah blah blah. What about the customer? I thought the customer was always right!” whined Mr Davidson like the complete bozo he is.

Still overflowing with anger, the 31 year old drove straight back to Pak n Save, hoping that by the time he gets to the checkout this time he remembers to ask for the rubbish bags.

More to come.

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