Local Man Seesaws Between “Our Year” And “Typical Farrkin Warriors”

disappointed warriors fan in front of losing team.



Psychologically battered Auckland man TJ Warrington has been following the Warriors his whole life. 

You would think by now the 37 year old would be wary of ‘hope’ creeping into his heart. And yet, it would appear he has let it in once more. 

“Every year, every bloody year,” said Warrington, eyes closed and head moving from left to right and back again. 

The Warriors have just lost their home game against the Gold Coast Titans, 27-24, which will be the Titans’ first win of the season.  

“I have well and truly seesawed back from ‘our year’ to ‘typical farrkin warriors’. How do we all of a sudden say ‘Oh, I know. Let’s lose at home to the worst team in the competition’,” he said, mimicking the voice of someone with below average intelligence. 

“It’s just so classic isn’t it?”

The Warriors had a promising 2023, and for now there still seems to be the remnants of momentum with the club, despite losing their last three matches.

But this mentally abused Warriors fan from Papakura has always had a rocky relationship with the club. 

“Honestly, when the Wahs are good, they’re sooo farrkin good. And it’s the best feeling ever,” he said with passion. 

“But when they’re bad, they’re just horrible.”

Warrington is now reportedly taking to social media to moan about the Wahs, where he will likely be accused of being a fake fan for getting pissed off with them.   

More to come. 

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