Local Man Subtly Alludes To Air Travel By Posting Pic Of Beer And Boarding Pass

air nz boarding pass with steinlager classic



Christchurch local Stephen Lowe has given his Instagram followers a little clue about what he’s up to this weekend. 

The direct sales consultant has coolly posted a picture of his Air New Zealand boarding pass, as he waits for his flight to Auckland for a mate’s stag do. 

“Just jet-setting up to Auckland for another staggy, second one in six months haha, no biggie,” said the man, pleased as punch with himself. 

The caption was even subtler than the picture, with a tag of the groom-to-be, AJ Glenmore, which simply said “see you soon big juicy”. 

“Be good to see the big man one more time before he throws his life away ha,” said Mr Lowe, signalling clearly that he has no intentions of settling down himself. 

To add to the effortlessness with which he informed his followers of his air travel, the self-styled jet setter made sure his Steinlager Classic beer bottle was in the shot also. 

“It’s just something I do to relax when I’m at the airport waiting for a flight. Having a beer makes things go quicker, as airports can get pretty routine when you’re flying around the country as much as I am,” he said, taking a swig from the green bottle.  

AJ “big juicy” Glenmore was unavailable for comment. 

More to come. 

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