Local Man’s Brow Remains Furrowed Nearly Two Weeks Since All Blacks Loss

man with furrowed brow watching south africa beat the all blacks



In a quiet corner of Timaru, the furrowed brow of a 53-year-old man remains a constant reminder of a painful moment for rugby-watching New Zealand. 

Since the All Blacks’ shock 35-7 loss to South Africa in Twickenham nearly two weeks ago, Peter Wilson has been personally tormented, his worry spiralling ahead of the All Blacks’ World Cup opener against France tomorrow morning. .

“That was hard to watch,” said Wilson, his voice laden with disappointment. “It’s been over a week, but my brow seems to be permanently stuck in this furrowed position.

“It’s actually really uncomfortable.”

As the All Blacks prepare to face France in their first World Cup match tomorrow, Wilson’s anxiety continues to grow. He hopes that the team can find their rhythm and regain their winning form in this crucial tournament.

“I’ve been pacing around the house, checking the news, and reading every analysis I can find,” Wilson admitted. “I’m not alone in my concerns. The entire nation is behind our team, but we’re all worried.”

As the weekend approaches, Peter Wilson remains sick to his stomach about watching the All Blacks tomorrow morning. 

New Zealand will wait and see whether the All Blacks can bounce back, and Mr Wilson will see if his worried expression returns to neutral, or morphs into something worse. 

More to come. 

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