Local Weetbix Fiend Still Hopeful For All Blacks Call Up

man standing in front of rugby field and weetbix box



Daniel Sharpe, 29, is a 5-foot little bloke with a wiry frame and grand aspirations, who is still awaiting the coveted All Blacks call-up, fuelled by his daily ritual of consuming Weetbix. 

Sharpe, who dreams of receiving the ball from Weepu and deftly passing it to either Nonu or Smith in the centres, describes himself as “a complete 10, but more of a kicking 10 like Johnny or Merhts.”

Reflecting on his Weetbix journey, Sharpe recalls, “I started with 2 at age 7, then progressed to 4 at 13, and 6 at 16”.

However, his teenage years brought with them a dairy intolerance, complicating the once routine task of downing 4 Weetbix, making it much drier and more challenging. The era of Sharpe buying 1.2kg value packs had come to an end, with the little fulla now allegedly making his own granola.

Despite never having made the jump from touch rugby to tackle, Sharpe reminisces about his past touch days. 

“I actually had to wear headgear while I was playing touch because Mum was so concerned about me getting hurt.

“They called me the ‘Josh Kronfeld of non-contact sport’”.

More to come. 

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