Local Woman At Wit’s End As Idiot Boyfriend Continues To Use Hair Conditioner As Body Wash

woman in towel annoyed at boyfriend



Rosie Yates, 23, is not in the mood to be deprived of things she needs today.

But that’s exactly what happened inside her Mt Cook flat in Wellington this morning as her viciously hungover boyfriend Jake Eder, 24, used up the last of her L’oreal Paris nourishing hair conditioner, believing it could be used as a direct substitute for body wash.

“Jaaaaake!!” squealed Yates from inside the shower glass.

‘Huh? What do ya want?” Eder replied, full well knowing he was under fire, whilst still trying to shake out the demons of the 12 beers that currently possessed his soul.

“WHAT I WANT is to be able to have a shower and use some of my own hair conditioner for once!” Yates bleated, nearly shattering the shower glass around her.

Eder explained his poorly thought out actions to the Whakataki Times reporters. 

“Well I jumped in there still half pissed from last night, and there’s so many bottles in there. You just presume one of them will make you smell cleanish? They all look like some sort of body wash to me,” said Eder who now smelled like various flower oils.

“I had to try something to wash away my 15 hour bender with the lads. Just picked up one of the pink bottles and looked like it’d do the trick. I smell pretty great, haha,” laughed Eder, whose body hair was well nourished after deep scrubbing it with a product he wasn’t meant to.

Yates, who had just emerged from the shower refused to be interviewed by our reporters, but was last seen yelling at her flower oil smelling boyfriend.

“Right, so I’m off to the supermarket to get more hair conditioner FOR ME. Now do you think you can do something right for once? Here’s a list. Get down to the vege market before it closes. 

More to come.

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