Local Woman Claims She’ll Gym All Next Week After Scoffing Back 8th Creme Egg

woman eating cadbury creme egg



Amy Dollimore, 22 has disgraced herself this Easter Sunday. 

“Shut up! I couldn’t help it!!” screeched Dollimore to the Whakataki Times reporters with her mouth still full of her eighth Cadbury Creme egg.

Dollimore, who had promised herself just one Creme egg, lost all self control when it came to quietly celebrating Easter at her family’s home.

“Like how do you open the packet and just think it’s normal to have one?” Dollimore said, trying to justify her behaviour as she eyed up another 4-pack.

The beauty therapy student from Levin had demonstrated a complete failure to moderate her consumption of easter eggs, and at the time of her interview, had comfortably put away two packets of the gooey chocolate treats.

“Argh, screw it. What’s the point of moderating anyway? Isn’t everyone also just doing the same as me today ?” 

Dollimore then claimed she’ll just cancel out all the eggs she just consumed, by allegedly sticking to a strict gym routine next week despite showing no signs of self control or discipline in any capacity.

“So I’m gonna go to the gym each day next week, that should make up for it right? Maybe I’ll start on Tuesday though, given Easter Monday’s public holiday,” said Dollimore, which conveniently gave her another excuse.

Before the Whakataki Times reporters could seek any further comment from Amy about what her alleged gym routine would look like, younger sister Kayla, 18, came bursting into the room in a panicked state.

“Amy! What the hell have you done with my Creme eggs? Where are they!?”

More to come.

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