Local Woman Completely Unaware That She’s Muted In Teams Meeting

Woman talking in Microsoft Teams meeting while on mute



Michaela Bryant isn’t usually the one who draws attention to herself in the regular Monday stand-up meetings at Downings IT Solutions in Auckland.

But the 24 year-old capitulated to the limelight this morning in what is usually an extremely mundane 9:00am Microsoft Teams meeting.

“Right, anything to report from your end Michaela?” questioned team leader Craig Forster.

As Bryant’s mouth began to move in her video chat, it was immediately apparent that she was still muted.

“Haha you’re on mute!” cackled colleague Dave Simmons.

‘Michalea, Michaela! You’re muted!” yelled Libby Rossiter.

Bryant then continued to astound her teammates by failing to hear their protestations about the state of her microphone settings.

“Michaela, you’re mic’s STILL off!” Danielle Agnew shouted, causing the 15 people on the video call to remain in hysterics.

After finally realising her mistake after what seemed like an eternity, Bryant finally spoke and unmuted herself.

“Haha oh my god sorry. Did you miss all of that? I’m here now. Now how do I turn my camera on?”

The Whakataki Times can report that Bryant’s camera had in fact been on the whole time.

More to come.

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