Local Woman Continues Lie That She Will Make Banana Bread

annoyed woman in kitchen with blackened frozen bananas



22 months ago, Whakataki local Lisa Jenkins, 29, decided she would freeze some bananas with the very clear intention of making banana bread at some point.

However, while her intentions are good, the reality is that she is living a complete lie if she thinks anyone believes she will bake this tasty treat anytime soon.

“Gee, you still want to hold onto these?” said husband of 14 months, Brad, who was peering into the bottom drawer of the freezer, whilst trying to make room for food that will actually get used in a more timely fashion.

“Yes, just leave them there Brad! I’m still going to use them for banana bread, we’ve got that morning tea at work coming up soon, so I’ll use them then!” Lisa yelled from the couch, breezing over the fact that the bananas in the freezer have now been there longer than their marriage.

“Ok you sure? It’s just they’re taking up a lot of room. You know you can just buy some of that banana bread from the supermarket, or something else?” Brad insisted, full well knowing that his wife is unlikely to make banana bread and the very black rock hard bananas will probably remain in the bottom freezer drawer for another 22 months.

“Brad, I said JUST LEAVE THEM! I’m going to use them next week!”

More to come.

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