Local Woman Expects Instagram DM Blow Up After Bikini Post At The Beach



Kelsie McVale, 23, knows what’s coming after flaunting her tanned beach body on social media. 

She’s expecting a barrage of Instagram direct messages from male followers who have just seen the revealing photo taken at Christchurch’s Sumner beach – a hotspot for people her age during the summer months.

McVale’s post to her 2,850 followers features her in a bikini, a large wide-brimmed hat, glamorous sunglasses, and an overly large Lululemon drink bottle.

The post was nicely captioned “Living my best life! #beachvibes #sundayfunday”, a sentiment that maximises efficiency and effectiveness, while sacrificing originality. 

Our reporters caught up with McVale who was lying on her beach towel. 

“Yep this should be a goodie, this one. Hadn’t let rip a decent one like this for a while,” McVale explained as she continually refreshed her iPhone 13 to see the likes roll in.

McVale was clearly determined to get to that coveted 100-like mark and has been doing whatever she can to get there. She was even sending DMs to her friends, reminding them to like her post and asking if they’d seen it, despite it only going up minutes ago.

“I mean, usually the post starts off slow and gets momentum when it comes up on people’s feeds. Kinda get a bit worried when it’s a slow start. This one seems to be okay. Four DMs already, but they’re just flame emojis from guys I’m not really interested in.”

“I mean a post like this usually ends up being a cesspool of unwanted attention from guys, who think that “liking” a photo and sending direct messages is the way to a girl’s heart. Can’t some guy just give me shit and comment on the photo to make fun of me? Ugh, guys they’re all the same.”

As our reporters left, the long-legged beach goer had one parting comment.

“Thanks for today guys. Be sure to chuck my Instagram handle in the story will ya?”


More to come.

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