Local Woman Not Fussed About New Shot Clock Display As Long As Her Damian Keeps Smiling

damian mckenzie smiling with shot clock and female fan smiling also



New Zealand Rugby confirmed today that a shot clock for goal-kicking would be displayed clearly for players from now on, so goal-kickers will know exactly how long they have, without having to rely on signals from the referee. 

But for 29 year old Becky Lowry, the most important thing is that Damian McKenzie keeps up his super cute smiling routine during his kicks, as it is one of the main reasons why she watches rugby at all.

“Oh, that smile! Just so cute! Gets me everytime! So nice to see a rugby player who is actually having fun playing,” she said, her own eyes shining brightly along with a toothy grin.

Ms. Lowry is still furious that the referee of last week’s game said that McKenzie ran out of time to kick his penalty. 

“So unfair! How’s Damian supposed to know how much time he’s got if that dodgy ref doesn’t tell him? I think he wanted the All Blacks to lose,” she pouted.

“I suppose this shot clock display is a good thing, but I’m more worried that it’s going to throw Damian off his rhythm and he might skip the smile during his kicks. I don’t know what I’d do if I stopped getting smiles from my Damian.”

McKenzie will be practicing his kicks from the sideline this week, after missing both conversion attempts from the right side of the field. He says that a visual shot clock would be helpful but that he isn’t making any excuses. 

Becky meanwhile says that if the McKenzie grin disappears for any reason, so will she. 

“It’s a non-negotiable. I’m not going to waste my time with rugby if Damian doesn’t get to express his true self on the field.”

More to come. 

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