LUCKIEST MAN IN NEW ZEALAND: Foster A Strong Chance To Win Powerball This Weekend

Ian Foster outside Lotto shop



After somehow keeping his job despite poor results overall, it is fair to say that All Blacks coach Ian Foster has solidified his place as the luckiest man in New Zealand. 

It was for this reason that he marched into his local lotto shop and bought a lucky dip for this Saturday’s lotto draw. “I’d be stupid not to with the amount of luck I’ve been having lately!” said an optimistic Foster.

“Might not need the coaching job after all if I win the four mil! I’d probably just invest it in a term deposit and just live off the interest!”

After that highly unoriginal idea for what to do with his lotto winnings, Foster then turned his attention back to rugby. “Yeah look we’ve got a lot of belief in this team and I’m confident that we can join those dots and have a solid build up to the World Cup.

“They say when you’re out there on the rugby field you make your own luck and I’d have to say that for me personally, well, the boys pulled one big game out of their arses and I got to keep my job.

“So not sure if I made that luck somehow or if I was just due a bit of good news. Who knows!

“Anyway I’ve got my ticket and I’ll be watching the draw tomorrow!” said the country’s luckiest man as he walked out of the lotto shop/dairy, unwrapping the other treat he purchased, a raspberry Memphis Meltdown.  

More to come.

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