Luxon Gives Up On Defence Force Plane And Opts For Eagle At Wellington Airport

Chris Luxon on back of eagle at wellington airport



Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is likely to turn a few heads on his next overseas trip, after finally giving up on his decrepit Defence Force plane, and going with something he believes would be more reliable. 

The giant eagle that hangs from the ceiling at Wellington Airport is widely thought to just be a model, built as a Lord of the Rings promotional decoration for a series of movies that came out over twenty years ago. 

Luxon however believes that with a bit of hard work and the right attitude, a team of local scientists and vets can definitely get this big bird flying. 

“New Zealand’s getting its mojo back with this new government, and look, why not see if we can get a giant eagle to be the replacement for a plane that’s falling apart?” he smiled, full of the confidence of a good CEO. 

“It would show the world just how innovative New Zealand is as a country. What an opportunity!”

While the Prime Minister’s hand picked team of experts would not comment on the possibility of bringing a giant eagle model to life, that would not stop the PM from climbing up onto the back of the bird at Wellington Airport, for a much needed photo op. 

“I could use a saddle or a reclining chair up here, haha! Ah, this is fantastic isn’t it? Which camera am I looking at?”

“Get out of the way Gandalf!” laughed the prime minister as he kicked the wizard off the bird, sending him plummeting to the ground and breaking him in two. 

“There’s only room for one Prime Minister!”

More to come. 

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