Luxon Misses Out On Meeting With Biden Due To Clash With His Nap Time

Chris Luxon looking disappointed to find Joe Biden asleep



New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon was all geared up to meet with the US President this week, as he travelled to Washington DC for the NATO summit. 

Luxon came prepared for all sorts of complex conversation topics that Joe Biden definitely would have been able to talk about coherently. It’s fair to say he was absolutely fizzing for the opportunity. 

“Oh look it’s not every day you get a chance to meet with the actual President of the United States is it?” said the self-described US politics enthusiast. 

However it was not to be, as there turned out to be a mix-up in Biden’s calendar in Microsoft Outlook. Mr Luxon’s appointment, although it was made two months in advance, was clashing with the President’s nap time. 

“Such bad luck isn’t it? Totally understandable though, it must be tiring being the leader of the free world. I suppose 2.30 pm is getting quite late in the day isn’t it?” said Luxon, still maintaining his signature upbeat attitude. 

Biden’s assistant in charge of his Outlook calendar, Antoinette Brown said the President has to adhere to his strict sleep schedule for optimum performance. 

“The President can only maintain his high energy and mental sharpness when he’s had time for his nap-nap,” she told reporters. 

“Mr President is also mindful of becoming cranky.”

When Biden was asked if he would find time for the Prime Minister tomorrow, he responded: “A new zealand? What’s wrong with the zealand we’ve already got?”  

More to come. 

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