Man Annoys The Hell Out Of Party Goers By Constantly Changing Songs Halfway Through

man changing song on phone while others party



A flat party in Wellington was making quite the noise this evening.

Not because the music was blaring loud enough to potentially warrant a call from noise control to the Kelburn flat.

But because of the constant groans and disdain coming from inside the house due to the songs chopping and changing before they had finished their duration, annoying everyone who had patiently waited their turn and selected their song. 

Our reporters were inside the Kelburn flat where they came across James Howden, 25, who had again made his way to the iPhone which was controlling the music playing via Spotify.

“Oh just let it play will ya?!” an unnamed party goer could be heard groaning in the distance as another song was cut short by Howden.

“Nah don’t worry, this is a good one.” said Howden, oblivious to the fact nobody has so far liked a single song he has put on and unaware he’s breaking the unwritten rule that you don’t just cut a song off halfway through.

Party goer Mille Butler, 24, had twice had her songs cut off at the midway point.

“He barely lets some of the songs reach the chorus!” It’s not even his phone anyway and he keeps just scrolling on Spotify for a while and will just randomly change to a completely different genre. Ugh. Whose friend is he here with anyway?”

Hannah Browne had also noticed Howden’s obsession with the Spotify playlist. 

“Why is he even at this party? All he’s done is just hang around that damn phone and annoy the hell out of everyone and cut their songs short. Can someone put a pin code or Face ID on that iPhone please?”

More to come 

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