Man Describes Flavours He’s Detecting In Craft Beer Whether Friends Want To Hear It Or Not

man holding beer in the Good Home Wigram



35 year old Hayden Carson put his friends through the ringer yesterday afternoon, when he inevitably got onto his favourite topic of discussion – craft beer.

The graphic designer from Wellington was visiting some university friends in Christchurch, where they enjoyed a few brews at The Good Home in Wigram.

“Hate to say it, but even though it’s gone so commercial, it’s still hard to beat a Supercharger ay?” he asked our reporters, who nodded along obediently.

“Just the right amount of hoppiness to it, and you can still pick up the other more subtle tones.

“I was at a little micro brewery in the Aro valley last week, you wouldn’t have heard of it. Super unique flavours in their hazy. I’ll send you a  link to their page,” he boasted, trying to generate as much cultural capital as he possibly could.

Carson’s agitated friend Darren, who witnessed the display, managed to stay calm during his ordeal.

“This is classic Hayden, beer is his thing now. He’s got the beard, the glasses and the tattoos – at this point it would be weird if he wasn’t really into craft beer,” explained Darren as he enjoyed his own Supercharger without giving a verbal analysis.

“Just nod along and let him have his moment.”

The beer connoisseur then interrupted to verbally appreciate the venue. “This place has a cool vibe, The Good Home right? Christchurch actually has a really cool vibe these days, it’s kinda like what Wellington used to be,” said Carson without prompting.

Carson then went on to punish the on-duty bar tender by demanding a free taste of several other beers.

More to come.

This story was brought to you by the good people at The Good Home restaurant and bar, in Wigram, Christchurch. 

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