Man Has Two Midweek Craft Beers And Goes Home At Reasonable Hour

Man with two beers outside The Good Home bar in Wigram Christchurch



A Christchurch man made history at The Good Home restaurant and bar today.

After agreeing to come out for a Monday night beer to catch up with an old work colleague, 30 year old Ryan Andrews knew he was putting his Tuesday morning at risk, along with his wallet. 

“I was prepared for the worst to be honest. The plan on a Monday is always to ‘have a couple’ at The Good Home, and then simply return home by 8 o’clock,” he said, as if this was something that was easily achievable. 

“Previously, that plan has never once been followed through to completion” said Andrews. 

However this time, the stars must have aligned with a blue moon, because the project manager and his former workmate Gabe were able to meet at 5.30, buy one round each, which they drank at a comfortable pace, before they each arrived home to their partners at 7.45 pm.  

“It was like we were middle distance runners running a perfectly timed 1500. It was a sight to behold.”

Alcohol expert Jared Neemia says this is a rare result, and could be a first for patrons of The Good Home. 

“Men meeting for a beer and staying for the pre-agreed duration has been known to happen from time to time, however it is still very rare,” he said. 

“For this particular bar in Wigram though I think this is the first time it’s ever happened. 

Andrews alleges that he then “finished off the perfect operation” by picking up a Whitakers creamy milk on the way home, delivering it to his wife Gen, who asked minimal questions.   

More to come. 

This story was brought to you by the good people at The Good Home restaurant and bar, in Wigram, Christchurch. 

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