Man Places Radical $20 TAB Bet On The Crusaders To Win

man on phone betting on the crusaders



Joel Jacobson, 28, got the hearts of his office colleagues racing today as he coolly deposited $20 onto his TAB app and outrageously placed it all on a Crusaders head-to-head victory over Super Rugby’s newest team Moana Pasifika.

“Gee mate, are you really sure about that one?” said concerned colleague Tim Aikens.

“Don’t you worry buddy, it’ll be my shout later. I’ve got the inside scoop on this one!” chirped Jacobson, an auditor at Canterbury Hills Accountants.

The far-fetched bet comes as Moana Pasifika gets ready to play their first ever Super Rugby game, taking on the 12-time champions the Crusaders. Odds at New Zealand’s TAB have Moana Pasifika at $36, with the Crusaders at $1.01.

The Whakataki Times reporters also spoke to more colleagues of the now professional punter and asked them about what they thought of his high risk laydown.

“Oh gee wow, I just don’t want him to be short on cash for the weekend. Hope he isn’t blowing the bank with that extremley questionable $20 bet.” said Katie Galbraith.

“Oh really? Does he reckon the Crusaders are good for it tonight? Wow, what a fantastic tip! I’ll chuck $20 all on a head-to-head victory now. Tell Jacob thanks and I’ll get the first round.”

Jacobson was later seen walking around talking to other colleagues who were now eye rolling him as he continued to explain his genius bet.

More to come.

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