Man Screaming At Wellington Bus Driver Wants To Know Why There’s Such A Staff Shortage

metlink bus driver holding it together



A local man was seen berating a Wellington bus driver today, angrily demanding to know why there’s such a shortage of bus drivers in the city. 

At the time of writing it was not clear that the aggravated commuter sensed any irony in what he was saying or doing. 

The man’s tirade included gems like, “Why can’t you people find enough drivers?” and “This is ridiculous, I pay my taxes, for f’s sake, f’ing useless!

“Maybe if you all just drove a little faster, you wouldn’t need so many drivers, how f’ing hard can it be to sit and steer?

While bus drivers face a toxic cocktail of abuse from passengers, low pay, long hours, and little job security, it still wasn’t clear to our disgruntled commuter why more people don’t stay in the job.

To add to the irony, the man was sporting a mask emblazoned with the words “Be Kind”.

More to come. 

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