Man Smashes Last Year’s Valentine’s Effort By Picking Up The Last Bouquet Left Sitting There At New World

man with flowers outside New World supermarket



Upper Hutt local Peter Sorensen out-did his past self today, proving that he still has what it takes to keep his relationship alive. 

Sorensen has been with partner Renee for six years now and things have been relatively stable the whole time. 

Last Valentine’s however, the man from Trentham only managed to organise a last-minute Indian takeaway, after coming home from work empty-handed.

This year however, Sorensen arrived home at 5.20 pm, earlier than usual, armed with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and the last bunch of flowers he could scrape off the floor at New World Silverstream.

“Well, I completely forgot about it until about ten past five when I was driving home. Swerved into the New World just in time, so it’s an improvement from last year” said Sorensen. 

“I mean, Renee doesn’t really care, but you want to get in the good books any you can right? You never know when you’re going to need the brownie points,” said the 28 year old electrician, who likely knows there’s going to be a lads piss-up just around the corner.

Meanwhile, Sorensen’s mate Lachie failed to remember Valentine’s Day, and is likely to hear all about Peter’s effort, as his partner is friends with Renee.

More to come.

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