Man With Family To Feed And Bills To Pay Goes To Work As Usual

man having coffee with family in the morning, thinking about protests



Local New Zealander of various family backgrounds, Adam Smith, had a stock standard day today. 

While many protesters around the country gathered to yell broadly about the government, Smith took a different approach. 

“Big project on at the moment at work and today was a key milestone. The people I work with needed me to be there and it would be annoying if I wasn’t,” he said casually. 

“Heard about the protest in the news. Weren’t the organisers actually elected MPs? That’s weird isn’t it?” asked Smith, indicating a very vague interest in politics.

Smith appeared bemused by the whole thing, and wondered out loud if there was a deeper issue at hand. 

“A lot of angry people out there aren’t there, haha. Gotta wonder whether they’re angry at the government or themselves,” he laughed, as he enjoyed dinner with his young family. 

“Anyway glad I didn’t go because we closed another deal today, totally out of the blue. Hash tag winning!”

Smith said he was “sure there would be plenty more chances” to protest peacefully in the future. 

More to come. 

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