MBIE Employee Who Hates Job Anyway Fizzing For Government Spending Cuts

woman in office looking at phone excitedly and thinking about david seymour.



Wellington based HR advisor Tory Hopkins is weirdly excited about the new National / Act / NZ First government taking an axe to the public service once they get started. 

The 25 year old MBIE employee has been energised ever since David Seymour mentioned slashing MBIE’s staffing numbers in half. 

“It could be me!” she said excitedly, as she scrolled the Jetstar site for cheap flights to Aussie. “Fingers crossed! Been thinking about whether this job’s for me for a while now. Be good to get a little extra push out the door.”

Ms. Hopkins is quietly confident that her head could well be on the chopping block.

“Well I’ve only been here eight months, so MBIE wouldn’t be losing too much of that ‘institutional knowledge’ that the managers keep harping on about. 

“It would be a really clean, simple decision to let me go,” she smiled as she tapped on a flight from Wellington to Brisbane at only $267. “I’m in HR, so if they literally halve the number of human resources they’ve got, then surely I’m in with a chance.”

Being in HR, Hopkins knows better than anybody that the four week payout is in the bag and that she’ll get plenty of time to get sorted. 

“I’m thinking maybe Melbourne this time, got some friends over there and Brisbane’s heat might be too much for me in January.

“Still need to officially get the chop though of course haha, hurry up and form a government boys!”

More to come. 

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