MENTAL FORTITUDE: Millennial Boyfriend Patiently Sits Through Entire Barbie Movie

couple watching barbie movie.



Masterton man, Jack Thompson, 27, exhibited unparalleled mental fortitude last night as he sat through the entire screening of “Barbie: The Movie” at Regent 3 Cinemas. The effort came as his partner, Emma Richardson, 26, was excited to witness the movie advertised as a fun time for all.

As the theatre went dark and the pink and white Barbie logo flashed onto the screen, Thompson instantly began asking himself questions about his mental toughness. The film, filled to the top with feminist messaging, would challenge even the strongest of minds.

“It was quite a trial,” Thompson admitted, as he recounted the experience. “I mean, I support women’s empowerment, but this was something else. I don’t really know what that was.” 

Throughout the movie, Thompson’s facial expressions went back and forth between a forced smile and a look of quiet desperation. He was reportedly overheard saying to himself “It’s okay, Jack, you can do this” as he clenched his popcorn with white-knuckled intensity.

Emma enjoyed the film and acknowledged that it was not Jack’s first choice. “I know this movie wasn’t exactly his cup of tea, but I think he enjoyed the popcorn and the two hours he got to switch off,” she said hopefully.

As the credits finally rolled, Thompson exhaled deeply, a victorious smile spreading across his face. He had survived the onslaught and emerged stronger on the other side.

“I think I’ve earned myself a round of action movies now,” he joked, his sense of humour miraculously intact after the gruelling ordeal. “Maybe one where the male hero saves the day and people are happy about it.”

More to come. 

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