Michael Baker And Siouxsie Wiles Create Matching Outfits Using Their Used Disposable Facemasks

Siouxsie Wiles and Michael Baker wearing clothes made out of facemasks



Epidemiologists and general worry-warts, Siouxie Wiles (born Susanna) and Michael Baker have put a creative twist on their shared passion for face masks. 

The two spent the weekend together sewing their very own formal wear out of their used face masks. They agreed that they had a fun time making the dress and suit together. 

“We’ve both been saving up our masks for some kind of project! Seemed so wrong to just throw them out so I’ve been keeping mine in a big bin in the garage,” laughed Wiles, explaining that the only thing worse than spreading nasty disgusting germs is being unkind to the environment. 

“We couldn’t just let them go straight to landfill,” piped up Baker as he dusted off the light blue shoulders of his new suit. “We thought why not do some arts and crafts!”

The pair were seen showing off their new garb on Wellington’s Cuba Mall, where compared to some of the creatures stalking about, they actually looked quite normal. 

“Good old Cuba Street ay!” laughed Baker as he used his full palm to wipe spits of rain from his forehead. “Always full of colourful characters!” 

When asked when they’ll eventually throw their bacteria-laden monstrosities in the bin where they belong, the superstar germaphobes were shocked at the suggestion . 

“What?! Never! We’re going to hold on to our creations and eventually we’ll recycle them once somebody comes up with the technology.”

More to come.

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