Mike Hosking Allegedly “Did A Little Dance”

Mike Hosking dancing in a park



An unnamed source close to veteran broadcaster Mike Hosking claims that he “did a little dance”, and that we all know why. 

The claim is eerily similar to someone else who in June 2020 said that she “did a little dance” because she thought that New Zealand didn’t have covid anymore. 

“Jason”, who’s name we changed, said that the dance was like “a fusion of hip hop, tap, and just general dad-dancing”. 

“It was something to behold really. I don’t think I’ve seen him this happy in a long time,” said Jason. 

When asked what the reason was for Hosking’s physical manifestation of joy, Jason was unforthcoming. “Haha well, either you haven’t been watching the news over the last 24 hours, or you are perfectly aware of what he’s happy about, but you just want me to say it.

“Let’s just say when he returns to work he’ll be extra relaxed and refreshed from his holiday”.  

More to come.

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