Mum Who Doesn’t Understand BYC Holds False Belief That Her Kids Can Just “Do That At The Park”

mum annoyed by backyard cricket



Mother of two Jane Andrews was coming in hot this evening.

That’s because for the second time in as many minutes she heard a tennis ball hit the house, which was being used by her two sons who were happily playing cricket in the backyard.

“Zack! Matthew! You can get down to the bloody park if you’re going to do that here!” yelled 39-year-old Andrews, who was condemning her two sons while they were in the middle of an important match that could only be played in the backyard.

Our reporters were at the Andrews house in Christchurch where they sought comment from the two cricket playing brothers.

“Ugh she doesn’t get it. We can’t go to the park. There’s no boundaries there,” 12 year-old Zack said, who was annoyed that his mother doesn’t understand the back garden and fences are used to accumulate runs for their cricket match.

“Yeah, like there’s only two of us. Who’s going to play wicket keeper at the park? Here we’ve got an automatic wicky” 10 year-old Matthew said, pointing to the wooden fence behind the stumps.

Zack and Matthew are perfectly reasonable in their answers. A random park in their neighbourhood does not have the close in boundaries, which are all important to keeping track of runs in BYC, and also ensures they don’t have to run for metres just to get the ball.

As Jane closed the window thinking her two sons were then going to take the bat and ball down to the local park, the two confided in each other.

“Ok bro, just don’t hit it onto the house again. Mum will probably come take the gear off us. Just keep it down for the moment while she’s making dinner.”

More to come.

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