New Dad Browsing Whitcoulls Happy To See That This Guy’s Still Smashing It

Man standing in Whitcoulls book shop with spot the dog in the foreground.



Local dad Hamish Thompson was delighted to discover today that Spot the Dog, from the lift-the-flap books he remembers from his own childhood, is still putting the work in after all these years.

Thompson, 37, stumbled upon the news while perusing the Whitcoulls children’s section, an activity he has rediscovered now that he has a two-year-old daughter, Emma. With a gleam in his eye and an exuberant fist pump, Thompson exclaimed, “Ohh look at that! Spot’s still kicking! What a legend!”

The Spot the Dog series, created by author Eric Hill, has been a staple of children’s literature since the 1980s. The books follow the adventures of Spot, a charming and inquisitive puppy, as he embarks on various escapades that are as predictable as they are heartwarming. Despite the unchanging formula, the books continue to capture the hearts of young readers and their parents.

Thompson, who hadn’t picked up a Spot book since his own childhood, was pleasantly surprised to find that the books were still in print and had even expanded into new formats, including digital e-books and interactive apps. “I never thought I’d see the day when Spot would go digital,” Thompson mused, “but I guess he’s staying relevant in the digital age. Good on him!”

When asked what he found particularly impressive about Spot’s enduring popularity, Thompson replied, “It’s all about consistency, really. Spot’s still finding his ball, still hiding behind doors, and still bringing joy to kids everywhere. It’s refreshing to see a character who knows his strengths and sticks with them.”

Thompson’s enthusiasm for Spot’s success knows no bounds. He’s been known to strike up conversations with fellow parents at the park, regaling them with tales of Spot’s latest adventures as if he were discussing a world-renowned literary masterpiece. “I tell them, ‘You know, Spot’s been going strong for over three decades now. Can your kid’s favourite character say the same?'”

Spot’s longevity has also prompted Thompson to reconsider his own life choices. “Maybe I should’ve stuck with my childhood hobbies,” he mused, “I mean, Spot’s been chasing balls for 30 years, and here I am, stuck in a desk job. Maybe I should start chasing my dreams again, just like Spot chases that elusive ball.”

Thompson was later seen watching motivational Youtube videos aimed at young men.

More to come. 

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