Non Politics Guy Enjoying The Peace And Quiet Of Not Having A Government

man smiling with coalition talks happening behind him.



As coalition talks continue between National, Act and New Zealand First, the wolves of New Zealand’s media have been at the door chomping at anything that comes near them, hungry for some kind of controversial political content. 

One man who has conversely been feeling contented and not at all hungry however is self-proclaimed “non politics guy”, Taylor Southee. 

“People keep saying that the silence is apparently ‘deafening’, but I’ve been loving it. It’s like being on holiday in a way, just a chance to switch off,” said the 32 year old sales pro from Palmy.

“I reckon keep these coalition talks going as long as possible. The longer they go, the more I wonder whether we actually need these people.”

Southee denied the accusation that he was an anarchist, but said times have changed and surely we can update the system somehow. “Well, we’ve got the internet right? Everyone’s connected. Take it all online and spread the decision-making out a bit.

“Could even do something with AI right? ChatGPT’s quite good,” he said, unaware how angry public servants will be with this statement.

“Either way, I’m making the most of the peace and quiet.”

More to come. 

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