Nurse Quietly Suffers Through Non-Nurse Friends’ Chat About Their Three Short Weeks

Distressed nurse next to very relaxed non nurse friends



Caitlyn Brunner, 24, a nurse at the Canterbury District Health Board, has had a wave of anxiety wash over her after fielding multiple questions from her friends about her non-existent plans for the Easter and Anzac period.

With Good Friday, Easter Monday, followed by Anzac Day, it means most normal workers around the country will enjoy the luxury of three short working weeks on the trot. But as an essential part of society, Nurse Caitlyn will miss out. 

“Got much planned for the big break coming up Caitlyn?” quipped housemate Tom Harding, 28, a marketing assistant, who was cracking open his fourth beer since returning from work at 4:30pm.

“Ahh not much, just working in and around the holidays I guess,” lied Brunner in a sour tone, fully knowing she’s rostered on every day over the weekend, including multiple late shifts on public holidays.

“Oh well, be good for the bank balance I guess! I’m off down south with the boys for nearly two weeks, might as well use some of the annual leave and stretch it around the public hols!” laughed a relaxed Harding, who’d done the bare minimum during his eight hour day.

Brunner was then spooked by multiple pings on her phone coming from friend Sophie Manson, 23. The real estate admin assistant had clocked off earlier in the day and been on the wines since 3pm.

“Heya! Girls are on tonight! Wanna come out?! We are also going for a drive to Akaroa tomorrow if you’re keen! xx”

“Meet us in town now!!”

Leaving Sophie’s message on ‘seen’ Brunner tried sneaking off to her bedroom before housemate Tom made one final quip.

“Hey what are you going to bed this early for? Don’t you know we’ve got tomorrow off?”

More to come.

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