NZ CUP DAY: Christchurch Race Goers Look Forward To Being Comfortably Steamed At 10:37 AM

ladies drinking champagne at the races



Mid morning on a Tuesday isn’t usually the time when you’d expect nearly 20,000 people to be six to eight standard drinks deep.

But that’s likely to be happening at Christchurch’s Addington Raceway tomorrow for The New Zealand Trotting Cup, the biggest day on NZ’s racing calendar. 

By 11:00am, Addington Raceway will have greeted a steady flow of comfortably steamed young race goers, who all would have put back enough to keep them going for a few hours before being forced to buy a drink from the race day hospitality staff.

No one is more excited than 22 year-old Harry Richardson.

“Gee can’t wait eh! I’ve just been down to Tarocash to grab a fresh shirt and hopefully this blazer will fit me fine?” Richardson said, who forked out on a $70 shirt but picked up a cheap blazer from an op shop.

“I’ll probably have a beer or two in the shower to warm up with, then roll around to a mate’s about 8:30 to start some serious drinking,” said Mr Richardson, who was overly excited about the prospect of consuming alcohol in the morning.

Mille Youngson, 21, is also jacked up for the big day, which will be her first time at the Cup.

“Oh my god it’ll be so much fun. I’m getting my hair done early in the morning and I’ll have a few champagnes with that. I’ll make sure I’ve got enough in me before getting in there. Can’t wait to see the horses with my squad!’ Youngson said with excitement, unaware she’ll likely not see a single race and be carrying her heels late in the day.

When our reporters quizzed Richardson on whether he could actually tie a windsor knot, he was preoccupied with the more important stuff.

“Sorry guys, I better put all the Lindauer bottles in the fridge. Can’t wait to pop these tomorrow morning!”

More to come.

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