NZ Rugby Does Big Office Clean Out And Finds Their Logic And Reason

Scott Robertson in suit with all blacks branding behind him.



After what felt like years of searching, New Zealand Rugby have finally found their misplaced logic and reason, appointing Crusaders super coach Scott Robertson to lead the All Blacks after this year’s World Cup. 

Today’s announcement brings an end to the tumultuous saga that had been dragging on for months, or years if you ask any passionate Cantabrian Razor fan, who have always thought he should have got the job over Ian Foster in 2019.

In recent years NZ Rugby and their CEO Mark Robinson have been continually under fire for their apparent lack of logic and reason in almost anything to do with the All Blacks. But the decision to go with Robertson, the most logical choice ever for a coaching position, has surely restored fans’ faith in the organisation.

Our reporters spoke with Robinson at NZ Rugby’s Wellington headquarters.

“Scott Robertson is a great rugby coach and I’m sure he will do a fantastic job. This is a really exciting time for New Zealand rugby,” Robinson said as if he was again reading from a teleprompter, saying something without really saying anything.

“He has a fantastic rugby coaching CV,” Robinson said, like it was some revelation that the coach who has won six straight Super Rugby titles in one of the hardest competitions in the world would be a good choice for All Blacks coach.

An unnamed NZ Rugby official gave the Whakataki Times reporters a better insight.

“At NZ Rugby we finally realised that maybe winning rugby matches is actually more important than sticking to the tradition and the old boys club and going along with the status quo of coaches who have been around the All Blacks before.”

It seems today NZ Rugby have found their solution to their coaching woes and it appears to have been under their noses the whole time. 

More to come. 

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