One Eyed Cantab Confused At TAB Offering Odds On Teams Other Than The Crusaders Winning Super Rugby

one eyed cantab at TAB with framed picture of crusaders winning super rugby



Craig Chamberlain was working himself up into a fit of rage in Canterbury today.

It wasn’t that he was indignant about a selection or non-selection of a Canterbury player or coach for higher honours, but something slightly different.

The 56-year-old from Shirley was sitting there shocked and confused to see that the TAB were in fact offering odds on the possibility a team other than the Crusaders could win this year’s Super Rugby Pacific competition.

Chamberlain explained to our reporters that the idea of the Crusaders not being the “Outright winners” of Super Rugby Pacific was just bloody stupid. 

“What on earth are the drongos at the TAB up to? Six straight titles in the last six seasons and they think another team are in with a chance to win it?” Chamberlain said in disgust, suggesting the TAB has not acknowledged that the Crusaders have never lost a home playoff game in their history.

“Do these bookies think the people are stupid or something? Well, the joke’s on them! We’re the ones who are going to make the money off their ignorance this time! As always the Crusaders will be lifting the trophy in 2023” Chamberlain cackled as he took a sip of his Canterbury draught, now convinced the bookies were on the backfoot.

But Chamberlain was then quickly put into another rage when our reporters revealed that the TAB were only offering the Crusaders at $1.45 to the Chiefs $2.75 for the competition’s opening game, despite the Crusaders barely dropping a match at home over the past six years.

“Should be at $1.01!!”

More to come 

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