ONE TEAM: Office Staff Bond Over Shared Hatred For The Company



At the end of yet another shit house week at Wellington’s “A Plus Accounting”, a select group of staff were positively charged up for a drink or four after work. 

They reached Wellington’s Meow bar at the early time of 4.32, for their regular Friday attempt to forget everything about their work lives. 

“Arhhhhhhh,” vocalised the auditor, Mark Pryor loudly as he swallowed his first mouthful of highly alcoholic craft beer. 

Clinking their glasses and sipping their alcoholic beverages, the conversation moved very quickly to their shared hatred for the company they work for.

Pryor kicked things off by going on a small rant about the outdated systems they are forced to use, while also being expected to deliver maximum efficiency.

“Are they actually expecting us to get things done using the current software? They think they’re saving money by not upgrading things, but it’s just making us less productive,” Pryor explained, being met with nodding agreement from 10-12 of his fellow coworkers.

Despite their shared disdain for their employer, there was a strange sense of comradery becoming obvious as they entered their third round of drinks.

Sarah Evans, who usually kept to herself at work, suddenly became eager to share her grievances. 

“They expect us to work like dogs for peanuts! It’s like prison! 

“Don’t even get started on my manager!” Evans said, knocking back either her third or fourth glass of wine.

Then 22 year-old graduate accountant Isabelle Hawkins fired up.

“They act like they’re doing us a favour by giving us a job. They hire so many incompetent people in some of the departments. What are all those meetings for anyway?”

An unnamed barman said that the group looked a lot like the others he’d seen come in that afternoon.

“Ah yep, more underpaid and overworked employees all from the same office? That’s pretty standard for a Friday.”

More to come.

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