Opening Win For Warriors Triggers Avalanche Of “Our Year” Social Media Posts

warriors fan tweeting "Up the warriors, our year #letsgonewarriors" with image of warriors team.



Almost as predictably as the sun rising each morning, the Warriors 20-12 win over the Newcastle Knights in Wellington has caused a tsunami of optimism for 2023. 

Warriors fans were out in force all over social media last night, all believing that their opening round win now means it’s “our year”.

It is easy for fans to forget that this was but one game, and that the team still has a long way to go before they can truly be considered contenders for the NRL title, not to be decided until early October.

Our reporters didn’t have to search very far on social media before they found a barrage of posts with enthusiastic supporters of the ‘wazzas’.

“It’s our year!! Up the Warriors #letsgonewarriors” tweeted one fan.

“The Warriors are back! It’s definitely our year! Up the Wah Wahs!” Brayden Casey commented on the Warriors Facebook page.

“80 minute performance! Shaun Johnson’s gonna take us all the way! Our year!” another commented, followed by hundreds more along similar lines.

While the Warriors won this particular game and now sit at the top of the table – as only three matches have been played – the die-hard fans may be forced to realise that the outcome of the next game could be totally different and utterly soul destroying.

More to come 

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