OUT OF THE BLUE: Most Popular And Recognisable Green MP Puts Hand Up For Leadership

Chloe Swarbrick with green background



In a shock move that no one saw coming, Chloe Swarbrick, the most popular MP in the NZ Green Party, has put her hand up to replace James Shaw as co-leader.

Swarbrick announced her bid yesterday, following media discussion about whether she should be co-leader, or if it should be someone else from the Greens that no-one’s heard of.

Political analysts around the country have been scratching their heads in amazement that a person who is very popular with her party’s members and supporters has said she’ll be the new co-leader. 

Julianne Anderson, a freelance political expert for Stuff and RNZ, was totally flabbergasted.

“Chloe’s put her hand up! OMG! Finally!,” she said before literally falling off her chair.

“Owww! Stupid chair.. Oh I can hardly believe it, Chloe’s going to change everything!

“Finally someone who can really stand up to this evil coalition of chaos we’ve got as our so-called ‘government'”, she said to our reporters before jotting down what she had just said, so she could tweet it later.

With such a mass surprise given to people around the country, a request has been made to ACC about recent claims of Green voters falling off their chairs.

More to come. 

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