Palmerston North Mayor Dusts Off The Old “Great Place To Raise A Family” Line

spanish women's team at Palmerston North's "the square"



In response to recent reports of the Spain Women’s football team leaving their base in Palmerston North during the Women’s World Cup, citing boredom with the city, the Mayor of Palmerston North has dusted off the old adage that the city may be perceived as boring but remains a great place to raise a family.

The news of the Spanish team’s early departure from Palmy due to boredom has garnered mixed reactions from the city’s residents. While some are surprised that the city’s lack of excitement has become a talking point on the international stage, others are more understanding of the athletes’ point of view.

“It’s no secret that Palmerston North isn’t exactly a bustling metropolis,” said Sarah Wilson, a long-time resident of the city. “But what it lacks in glitz and glamour, it makes up for in its family-friendly environment. It’s a safe and peaceful place to raise children.”

Indeed, the city of Palmerston North, nestled in the heart of the North Island, is known for its tranquillity and family-oriented atmosphere. With a population of around 90,000, it offers a slower pace of life compared to larger urban centres, which appeals to many families seeking a peaceful and stable environment.

“We might not have the flashy attractions of big cities, but we have a strong sense of community here,” said James Mitchell, a local business owner and father of two. “There are plenty of parks, schools, and family-friendly activities to enjoy. It’s an ideal place for kids to grow up.”

The Mayor of Palmerston North, Grant Smith, acknowledged the city’s reputation but stressed that it should be viewed in the context of its suitability for raising a family.

“While we respect the opinions of visitors, including the Spanish football team, we need to remember that Palmerston North’s appeal lies in its focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment for families,” Mayor Smith stated. “We might not have the flashy entertainment of larger cities, but we have a strong community spirit and a range of family-centric amenities.”

Smith further emphasised the city’s efforts to invest in recreational facilities, educational institutions, and community programs designed to cater to the needs of families and young children.

“For those looking for a dynamic nightlife or fast-paced entertainment, Palmerston North might not be the perfect fit,” Mayor Jones added. “But for those who prioritise a stable, family-oriented lifestyle, we believe our city offers a unique and welcoming environment.”

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