Palmy Mum Reminds Spanish Women’s Team That Only Boring People Get Bored

Palmy mum not impressed with spanish women's team.



Two weeks after leaving Palmerston North, citing boredom, the Spanish women’s football team has received a biting rebuke from local resident, Kelly Warburn.

“Only boring people get bored,” declared Warburn, a 50-year-old mother of three, as she sipped her cup of tea in her cozy Palmy living room. 

“I’ve been telling my kids this for years, and it applies to anyone. If you’re truly interesting and full of life, you can find excitement in even the most uneventful places.”

The Spanish Women’s team made headlines when they decided to trade the charms of Palmerston North for the hustle and bustle of Wellington, a mere two days before their scheduled match. While there was much outrage at the notion of there being nothing to do in Palmy, Warburn was unfazed.

“Sure, we might not have the dazzling lights of Times Square or the glamour of Hollywood here, but that’s not the point,” she said. “The beauty of Palmy is that you can make your own fun, and there’s a unique satisfaction in that.”

While Warburn acknowledged that Palmerston North might not be a bustling metropolis, she stressed that it’s all about perspective. “Boredom is a choice, and these girls have chosen to be bored. That says more about them than Palmerston North.”

As news of Warburn’s response spread, many locals found themselves nodding in agreement. Only boring people get bored, and with a dash of imagination, any place can become an adventure waiting to unfold.

More to come. 

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