Public Servant Met With Roars Of Laughter After She Asks “How Do I Do My Job Again?”

woman laughing in office



Engagement advisor Joanne Fraser put on a comedy clinic for her Ministry of Education colleagues today. 

On her first day back at work for 2023, Ms Fraser entertained everyone within earshot of her pod by delivering the classic one-liner, “How do I do my job again?”. The gag elicited howls of laughter from everyone on that side of the office. 

Despite being perfectly capable of doing what she is paid to do, engaging with external stakeholders, Fraser has played on the fact that it can take a little while to get back into the swing of things after a break from work. With the comedic genius she possesses, Ms Fraser was able to perfectly exaggerate her situation to great comedic effect. 

“It’s a talent I have that I’m happy to share with my team. Anything to keep things light and help lift everyone’s wellbeing,” she told our reporters.

“People need to be kind to themselves and remember that it’s perfectly normal for us to feel like we’re still on holiday.

“I guess you’d say that I bring comic relief to the team,” proclaimed a very satisfied Fraser.

The moment came when the comically-gifted engagement advisor was attempting to utter the phrase, “staff engagement and insights survey”, but failed to remember the exact phrase. As any great comedian knows, timing is everything. 

“It just felt right, you know. You can’t teach it,” she beamed.   

More to come.

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