Punk Rock Revival Underway With Crunchy New Album From The Chrises

chris hipkins and chris luxon playing punk rock on stage with their album in the foreground


ALBUM REVIEW: “Mostly The Same” by The Chrises

Punk rock has always been a genre known for its rebellious spirit, but The Chrises, an unlikely duo consisting of New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and National Party Leader Chris Luxon, have taken that spirit to a whole new level with their debut album, “Mostly The Same.”

From the moment you press play, it’s clear that The Chrises are unapologetically challenging the status quo of punk rock. The album kicks off with the blistering track “Political Mayhem,” which is a raw and aggressive commentary on the chaotic world of politics. Hipkins and Luxon’s contrasting vocal styles add a unique dynamic to the song, with Hipkins delivering rapid-fire verses while Luxon provides powerful, anthemic choruses.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Opposing Views,” where The Chrises showcase their ability to find common ground in their music despite their differences. The song’s driving rhythm and catchy melodies are impossible to resist, making it a true punk rock anthem.

“Mostly The Same” also delves into personal themes, with tracks like “Behind the Podium” and “Late-Night Debates” providing a glimpse into the challenges and sacrifices of public life. These songs add depth to the album and reveal a more vulnerable side of The Chrises.

The production on “Mostly The Same” is gritty and unrefined, staying true to the punk rock ethos. The album’s sound is characterised by distorted guitars, pounding drums, and an overall DIY attitude that harks back to the genre’s roots. The Chrises’ willingness to embrace imperfections in their music only adds to its authenticity.

While “Mostly The Same” might not be a revolutionary punk rock album, it certainly stands out for its unique origins and the bold statement it makes about the intersection of politics and music. The album’s title is a clever nod to the idea that, beneath the political personas, Hipkins and Luxon are, in many ways, basically the same person.

In a world where political polarization often dominates the headlines, The Chrises offer a refreshing reminder that music has the power to unite. “Mostly The Same” is a spirited and unapologetic debut that showcases the unexpected talents of this political punk rock duo. 

Whether you’re a fan of punk rock or just curious about the intersection of Labour, National and music, The Chrises’ album is worth a listen.

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