Punters Around The Globe Flocking To Get Hands On Lucky Black Flaps Sunhat

tim naki in front of laptop on ACC black flaps shop page



With Tim Naki reaching his goal of making a million dollars in online blackjack on Day 83 of his “Manifest a Milli” campaign, gambling enthusiasts around the globe all have their eyes on obtaining one particular item of clothing. 

The sun smart “Black Flap” legionnaire hat, available at the ACC Shop, is now synonymous with Naki, the self-styled “degenerate” flying the flag for New Zealand. 

With its protective flap, the hat provides more than enough protection for the face, ears, and neck during hot days. But degenerates around the world now believe the hat has been bringing Naki his luck at the blackjack table. 

Las Vegas local Tucker McCormack has already got his hands on one. 

“Are you kiddin’ me? That boy is gettin’ his luck from somewher’ an’ I believe it’s comin’ from that hat!

“I made my order on day 82 of his streak. I didn’ wanna miss out cuz them hats’ gon’ sell out! I’m tellin’ ya!” said the functionally addicted gambler.

“That funky hat is a gosh darn rabbit’s foot!”

Naki would not say whether the hat was in fact a good luck charm or not, but the facts are he has worn it in every single video for the full 83 days. 

As it stands the ACC online shop has not crashed with overwhelming web traffic yet. 

More to come. 

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