RAZOR RUMOUR: One-Eyed Cantab Spotted In Hagley Park Winking At People

one eyed cantab thinking about Scott Robertson as ABs coach.



The Whakataki Times has received multiple reports of the so-callled “one-eyed Cantab”, Craig Chamberlain, winking at people who happen to be out and about in Christchurch’s Hagley Park.

The obnoxiously passionate Crusaders supporter would not let on what he was so pleased about, but it could be that he knows something about Scott “Razor” Robertson that we don’t. We asked a few of the people who were winked at what they think is going on.

“Ooh, I reckon Craig’s definitely got some inside info on the All Blacks coaching job. And judging by his mood I think Razor’s in,” said jogger Matthew Horgan. 

“Haven’t seen the old boy this happy in a long time.” 

Abe Jacobsen, a sleep-deprived new dad out for a walk with the family, shared a similar opinion. “Yeah, pretty sure he winked at us. Hard to tell because he’s only got one eye, so I guess that’d be the same as a blink right?

“Anyway, he was in a real good mood, I think Razor Robertson’s got this,” said Jacobsen as the tail-end of his sentence became a genuine yawn. 

The retail manager at a nearby bottle store had this to say. “You just missed him, he was chatting away, winking and nudging anyone who came near him. Bought his 18 box of Lion Brown and didn’t even complain that we don’t sell Canterbury Draught!”

The official word in the media is that Scott Robertson seemed “upbeat”, while New Zealand Rugby were annoyed by this for some reason. 

More to come.

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