Razor Spotted Sifting Through The Rubbish Bins At All Blacks Hotel

Razor Robertson in skip bin with all blacks bus and hotel in background.



All Blacks coach-to-be, Scott Razor Robertson has been seen going to desperate lengths to prepare himself for his coaching job, post World Cup. 

ABs fan Adam Grogan says he saw the Cantabrian peering into a skip bin outside the All Blacks hotel. 

“Can’t be totally sure what he was up to. Perhaps looking for clues about how the ABs are preparing for their match against Uruguay tomorrow?” 

It was revealed by unneeded Sky Sport commentator Justin Marshall that the Crusaders coach is currently in France, but not actually allowed to attend any All Blacks games. 

NZ Rugby weirdly chose to name Robertson as the person to take over as All Blacks coach once the World Cup was finished, a decision that has been widely questioned for its timing. Naturally it creates a potential distraction for players, which is exactly what we don’t need. 

In the meantime it appears that Razor Robertson is making do with any information he can get his hands on.

“Maybe he’s thinking he can find a few discarded game plans written down on paper? Meal plans or used food packaging? Who knows, probably just looking for anything he can find,” said the perplexed fan.  

Robertson was unavailable for comment, however there have been reports of an individual fitting his description in the bushes at an All Blacks training, wearing a pair of glasses and false moustache. 

More to come. 

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