Reece Walsh Reveals That The Pink Boots And The Pink Undies Are Just To Upset His Dad

reece walsh wearing pink boots and pink undies, with shot of him and his dad in foreground.



Broncos and Queensland dynamo Reece Walsh has shed new light on his on-field fashion choices today. 

Many have assumed that Walsh’s pink boots and pink undies were a way of adding insult to injury for the many top players he has skipped past on the rugby league field. But Walsh says it is just a fun way to annoy his dad.

“Just a bit of fun aye, poor old dad can’t stand me wearing the pink. It’s become too funny not to wear it,” laughed Walsh. 

“You know when someone has an out-sized negative reaction to something pretty minor? That’s what’s happening with dad.”

Walsh’s father was typically annoyed when approached for comment on the issue. 

“Gahh I don’t know why he does it! We’re so proud of him and all he’s accomplished. Why spoil it by wearing bloody pink boots and pink daks?!” he said in despair. 

“He looks like a bloody idiot. Everytime I bring it up he just gets this big stupid grin on his face. Infuriating!”

Walsh meanwhile is enjoying a well-deserved break after a successful year of humiliating failed tacklers who have been left on the ground, seeing nothing but bright flashes of pink sprint past them. 

“Was a shame we couldn’t take home the trophy. Still a great feeling to know that dad’s just sitting there fuming in the stands each game. So good.”

More to come. 

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