REPORT: 90% Of Kiwis Agree That Winter Can Go Away Now

man who is cold in wellington on cold day



In a poll conducted this week asking kiwis what they thought about winter this year, 910 out of a thousand said it can “go away” to varying degrees. 

The responses included 

  • Winter is great, I love it – 5%
  • Winter has been okay this year – 3%
  • Winter can go away now – 81%
  • Winter can f* right off – 9%
  • Don’t know – 2%

Brad Janneson from Curia is glad the taxpayer has spent the money on polling people about what they think about winter, and hopes the weather is listening. 

“New Zealanders have clearly had enough of the cold weather, so it would be good if the weather could change right now,” he said.

Janneson believes there are two main reasons why winter has worn out its welcome. “The cost of heating cold homes is a big reason, but there’s also something called “seasonal affective disorder” or SAD, which is when you start feeling depressed because the weather’s so crap.

“The general feeling of the electorate is that winter has had its fun and now it’s time to move on.”

Joanne Wilder, 27 from Christchurch, has some annual leave booked in September. “I don’t even care if it’s still wet when I go, as long as it gets a bit warmer. Winter can definitely f* off right now haha”.

David Gables, 33 from Wellington, says that winter can definitely go away now, even though Wellington summers are rarely described as “warm”. 

“Hey you know what they say about Wellington on a good day,” he said, instantly annoying everyone around him. 

The weather would not comment on the poll result, but most believe it will take no notice.

More to come. 

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